Our community scientists in 2017 ranged from Escuela Verde students to a knitting shop owner, university lecturers to retired teachers. Add your project for 2021!

2020 Projects

Here are a few projects from 2020!

Got Milk?

I will be trying to see if you can make ice cream out of all milk.


How Strong is Yeast?

We will blow up a balloon with the carbon dioxide from yeast.


Dish Soap v.s. Oil

For our project we will be testing the efficiency of different branded dish soaps and oil.


Effects of Temperature Change on Bacterial Growth

I will compare bacterial growths on 3 incubated petri dishes to show how temperature changes affect the amount of bacterial growth. Bacterial growth affects our environment and conservation. Global warming affects bacterial growth in environments, which ends up affecting communities.


Nary a Hairy Berry

I will use three different liquids to wash fruit to see if it impacts how quickly they mold or spoil. This could prevent food waste which is a major environmental issue.

2018 Projects
Environmental Science or Biology

Surface Temperature Changes

Science Stones

Slime 101

Why do indy Cars Go Faster?

The Effect of Music Genres on Emotion

Harmless Products

Can music Better You in Math?

Motivation in Music: Extrinsic vs Intrinsic
Chemical vs natural Cleaners
3 Blocks Enter, 1 Block Leaves
Do the Clothes We Wear Affect People's Behavior Around Us?
The Ethical and Environmental impact of the Back 40 Mine